RAISING awareness for road cycling safety sure can be exhausting.

Especially if you were one of the bikers involved in the 24/7 Cycling Safe Fund community ride last weekend.

The annual event, which began and finished at Limestone Park, saw hundreds of cyclists grab their helmets and pedal through the streets of Ipswich.

The purpose of the ride was to help establish a safe cycling city centre in Ipswich and promote road safety awareness.

Seasoned cyclist Hilary Doman was among the more experienced riders who took on the 100km course to finish in three and a half hours.

Other bikers who took part had the option of pedalling through shorter courses, with some opting to take on the 60km, 25km or 3km family ride.

Mr Doman, from Ipswich Central, said he had been cycling seriously for 10 years.

He was pleased to be involved in an event that advocated cycling safety.

The 46-year-old said motorists needed to learn how to share and be aware of cyclists on the road so that they could travel together safely.

He said regular cycling had helped him lose more than 20kg and changed his life to become much healthier.

He crossed the finish line with his cycling buddies, Dean and Donna Cameron, who completed the 100km ride on a bicycle built for two.

The Brisbane couple said the tandem ride had been hard work - particularly when travelling up hill - but a lot of fun as well.

Mrs Cameron - who has been riding tandem with her husband for years - said the course was difficult.

But it was nothing compared to the Cairns to Brisbane ride they did earlier this year.

With increasing cycling numbers, and the dangers associated, 24//7 CSF aims to design and create a safe cycling centre in the Ipswich area that is easily accessible to families and competitive riders alike.

The group also intends engaging in a grass roots campaign to train children in safe cycling and road safety, and to raise motorists' awareness of cyclists on the roads.

For more information, visit 247csf.com.au

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