PRESENTATION: Mr W.J. Ryott Maughan unveiled a banner for the Association Railway Workers of Australia.
PRESENTATION: Mr W.J. Ryott Maughan unveiled a banner for the Association Railway Workers of Australia.

Rail workers honoured at ceremony

GEORGE Livermore began business as a cooper (barrel maker) at Brisbane St in Ipswich in 1875.

In 1897, George's son, William George, started a soft drink company using the Barrels trademark.

His original factory was in Brisbane St on the site of Coles New World Shopping Complex.

He later sold the business, the Ipswich Aerated Water company, to Thomas Barnes and George Pitman.

William then opened a factory in Booval in 1906 and produced Booval Aerated Waters with the "LOVOOB” (Booval trademark).

He returned to East St in 1907 and his business traded as W.G. Livermore and Co. Branches were also established at Rosewood in 1919 and then Redbank 1924-27.

Mr Livermore operated the businesses until his death in 1926 when his wife continued the enterprise.

The business was sold to W.E. Thomas formerly of Rosewood in 1928.


From Brisbane St, premises (lately occupied by John Ferguson cordial manufacturers to East St joining J.J. Johnston's Brewery, where I intend to carry on the manufacture of aerated waters, cordial, vinegar, hop beer and horehound under the supervision of a Mr Ferguson.

It will be remembered, a few years ago, that the well-known Mr Hodge hotel proprietor of Rosewood got 200 dozen ginger beer from Mr Ferguson for the Rosewood Show

And 12 months later he found in his storeroom a few dozen that were left and found it as good as the first day he got it.

A sample was sent to The Queendland Times at the times and The Advocate to report on and they both announced that they had found it to be of an excellent quality.

Mr Ferguson says there is no man within 100 miles to equal him in cordial or aerated water.

It is my intention to carry on the business and customers and the public generally can rely on getting a good genuine article.


Signwriters Messrs Sackett and Jackson assisted by Oscar Fristram designed and completed a banner for the Queensland Employees Union in 1909.

On the front was a large picture representing the figure of justice with sword and scales on either side of the banner, the whole surrounded with scrolls of gold and ribbon bearing the name of the union and those of six of the largest coal centres.

At the back of the banner are four pictures illustrating the upper and lower workings of a coal mine, coal trucks and coal being loaded into vessels by the patent crane at the South Brisbane wharf.

There is also a scroll bearing the words "united we stand”.

Divided into three is a picture symbolising the eight-hour idea - equal time for labour, rest and recreation. The banner is surrounded by a silk border of royal blue and finished with gold bullion fringe.


Unveiled by Mr W.J. Ryott Maughan M.L.A, in the Brisbane Trade Hall on April 30, 1911, was a new banner specially painted by Mr Barnicoat for the Association Railway Workers of Australia.

On the front of the banner was a figure of a woman handing laurel wreaths to the two respected champions of railway men Mr Hale and J. Wilkinson.

On the reverse side were six cameos depicting the various sections of service, the centre one showing a mixed trail.

Above it was a signal stand and the inscription "the unity of labour is the hope of the world” was there for all to see.

The banner was a maroon silk with a border of gold.

Mr Maughan said he trusted every man who walked behind the banner would feel honoured and that in its history no traitor would walk behind it.

It was an emblem of peace and if industrial unionism aimed at anything at all, it was "Peace on earth and goodwill to men”.

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