Rail petition demands fare go

PUBLIC transport campaigner Robert Dow is calling on the Newman government to urgently review a fare structure that is pricing people out of public transport.

Mr Dow, spokesman for public transport advocacy group Rail Back on Track, has urged the government to drop base prices and introduce concessions for pensioners.

As the government reviews bus and rail services, Mr Dow says the next logical step is to review the fare structure.

A petition is open for three months and he hopes weight of numbers will pressure the Newman government into a review.

"The government wants to reduce the cost of living, but by bringing in an equitable fare structure (it) will reduce the cost of living for many families and increase patronage," he said.

"Purchasing a single paper ticket from East Ipswich to Ipswich will cost you $4.50. It's clearly too dear, particularly the shorter zone journeys.

"There needs to be a much more equitable fare system in place. We are looking (at) further fare increases," he said.

The petition highlights the need for: fare concessions to health care card holders, family group tickets, free travel for pensioners during off peak times, cheaper fares and 50% discounts for journeys made after eight trips.

Introducing family group tickets for two adults and up to five children would encourage families onto public transport on weekends and school holidays, he said.

Mr Dow said all of these options were available on public transport across Australia, but not in Queensland.

Mr Dow said a fare increase of 7.5% at the end of the year was higher than the CPI pension increase.

"People are finding public transport unaffordable," he said.

To sign the petition visit gopetition.com/petitions/ and search for "fare review for Translink in south east Queensland".


  • Translink fares will increase 7.5% in 2013 and 2014.
  • Mr Dow wants $1.50 taken off each travel zone.
  • The petition is open for three months.

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