Rage over power station plan

RESIDENTS in the Lockyer Valley are so outraged at the thought of a power station being built in their region they are planning a protest.

A development proposal is before the Lockyer Valley Regional Council to build a gas-fired power station and pipeline on Mulgowie Road in Laidley.

Citizens of the Lockyer secretary Anita Morrison said concerned residents had previously protested the development application and would continue to do so.

Ms Morrison said the power station, which would be connected to a 145 kilometre gas pipeline west of Dalby, had the potential to impact on vast amounts of fertile land in the region as well as affecting hundreds of families.

“The Lockyer Valley is one of the world's most important food-growing areas. If approved, some 40 farming families would live with six hours of pounding noise daily and a massive eyesore for at least 25 years,” Ms Morrison said.

“Already property values have fallen around the site.”

Ms Morrison said she was frustrated that the company, NP Power, which submitted the application to council, and lead developer in the project, had asked for several extensions.

“The project has dangled for 18 months while the company has requested on-going deferments,” she said.

NP Power's project director Greg Brown said the company had undergone some major internal changes in recent months, which required them to ask for an extension so they could review their application.

“As the newly-appointed project director for the proposed development, following recent personnel changes, I intend to keep all parties with an interest in the project fully-informed,” Mr Brown said.

“NP Power recognises the concerns of the community and council with the proposed developments, and we are trying to deal with any comments as constructively as possible.”

Mr Brown said NP Power's core activity was to develop low emission power generating facilities.

“We are focused on building new energy infrastructure,” he said.

Ms Morrison encouraged other residents concerned about the power station to voice their concerns to the Lockyer Valley Regional Council before they vote on a decision in future months.

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