Drivers warned off unleaded, E10, premium and diesel

RACQ is urging Ipswich motorists to hold off topping up the tank with the average price of unleaded 91 above its recommended sale value.

A fair price for the petrol today was 158.9 cents-per-litre.

The best deals could be found at Kangaroo Fuel on Old Toowoomba Rd at Leichhardt, Puma Energy on Brisbane St at West Ipswich and Freedom Fuels, also on Brisbane St at West Ipswich.

Here unleaded was 11c cheaper than the fair fuel price at 147.9.

Good offers could also be found at 7-Eleven at Brassall, North Ipswich and West Ipswich with the price at the pump between 148.0 and 148.1 cents-per-litre.

Oz Fuel at Yamanto also came in at under the recommended price.

Service stations matching the fair fuel price were the 7-Eleven at Raceview and Flinders View and the Caltex Woolworths at Yamanto.

The Caltex at Churchill and the BP at Yamanto were charging drivers 1c above the going rate and even more expensive were the Caltex stations at North Ipswich, Brassall and Yamanto and the BP Foodworks at Tivoli.

The most expensive price for unleaded fuel today was the Coles Express outlets at Ipswich North and Yamanto, both of which were selling at 169.9, 11c above the fair fuel price.

Today's fair fuel price for E10 petrol was 155.1c a litre with the RACQ again urging drivers to delay filling up as prices are high.

The news was worse for premium unleaded 95, with the prices trending upwards.

And it was no different if you drive a diesel.

"Prices are high in this area," RACQ said, with 159.9 cents-per-litre listed as a fair price for diesel.

Freedom Fuels at West Ipswich was offering some relief at 154.9c and Oz Fuel at Yamanto was also under the recommended price by 0.1.

Sixteen stations across the city were charging anywhere between 161.9 and 169.9 cents-per-litre.

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