Quick spin to dry off new wheels lands learner in court

EXCITED about her new car a young woman decided to give it a wash.

But Kehara Burns made a big mistake by taking her sparkling clean Ford Festiva out for a spin "to dry it off".

While zipping about Burns was nabbed by Ipswich police with no registration plates on her newly acquired wheels.

The silver Festiva was unregistered, uninsured, and Burns held only a learner licence at the time.

Kehara Nancy Keely-Shae Lesley Burns, 21, from Redbank Plains, pleaded guilty in Ipswich Magistrates Court to failing to comply with conditions of a Learner driver on August 19; and driving an unregistered and uninsured motor vehicle.

Police prosecutor Jack Scott said Ipswich police intercepted the Festiva at 4.15pm in One Mile.

It had no registration plates and the officers had to rely on the vehicle identification number to confirm who it belonged to.

Mr Scott said the Festiva's registration was cancelled back in August 2014.

"She says she was unaware that it was cancelled as she'd purchased the car two weeks earlier," he said.

"She drove it to dry it out after washing the car."

At the time Burns held a C-class learner licence and the female passenger in the car with her was not a licenced driver.

"She says she knew the conditions of her licence but decided to drive it to dry it out," Mr Scott said.

Defence lawyer Trevor Hoskin said Burns bought the car earlier that day and washed it to put in a shed.

Magistrate Virginia Sturgess told Burns it had been a really stupid thing to do and the ticketed fines would likely cost her about $1000.

"You've got yourself into a big mess here," Ms Sturgess told Burns.

After consideration of all matters Ms Sturgess fined Burns $500, but warned that she should expect a letter from Queensland Transport about her licence.

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