MERRY CHRISTMAS: Santa is only a few days from visiting all the boys and girls across the world.
MERRY CHRISTMAS: Santa is only a few days from visiting all the boys and girls across the world. Thinkstock

Quick chat with Santa Claus

EVERYONE knows Santa is extremely busy at this time of year, but journalist Ashleigh Howarth must have been on his good list as she was able to have a quick five minute chat with him before he had to get back to his duties.

Q: Santa, thank you so much for your time just now. How has your year been since you visited us all last year?

A: Once I had delivered all my presents to the boys and girls all across the world I took a few well deserved days off with Mrs Claus. We did nothing but read books, watch movies, play board games and do lots of cooking together. We love to make biscuits and brownies. But while those few days off were nice, I knew they couldn't last forever. I then had to jump straight back into work with my elves and start preparing for this year.

Q: Has it been a very busy time for you all in your workshop?

A: Why yes it has. We have been so busy making lots of wonderful toys for all the good boys and girls. All of the elves are dashing around to all the different work stations to make sure everything is finished before I start my big trip.

Q: So you keep an eye over everyone's behaviour all year do you?

A: I need to make sure that all the boys and girls around the world are on their best behaviour every month of the year, not just December.

Q: What are some ways which kids can make sure they stay on the good list?

A: I like to see kids make their beds and clean up their bedrooms and their toy rooms. That is a very good way to make sure that they help their parents out and also stay off the naughty list. They also need to make sure they use their manners, as well as be nice to their siblings and their parents.

Q: Are you excited about your upcoming journey with all your trusted reindeer?

A: Very much so. I love my job and I love to bring joy and happiness to everyone. Nothing can beat the feeling of knowing that millions and millions of little ones have gone to bed just waiting for me to come and visit their house and drop their presents off. But I am of course very sneaky, so no matter how many times the kids wake up, I know when they do and I can be in and out in a flash. I also love all of the treats that families leave me too. It is all very sweet of you. I know the reindeer absolutely love all the carrots that are left for them.

Q: What is it like flying over the night sky in your sleigh?

A: The view is spectacular. One of my favourite sights in the world is looking down on all the twinkling lights in the big cities and the small country towns. If I have a spare few minutes I also like to look at all the houses that decorate them with Christmas lights. They are all very pretty.

Q: What would you like to say to all the boys and girls in this region before you leave?

A: That I have been very impressed with your behaviour. Brisbane and Ipswich really do have some of the best kids in the world. I love visiting this part of the world because you are all such a delight.

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