Former Deputy Mayor Victor Attwood was polled by ReachTEL on Tuesday night.
Former Deputy Mayor Victor Attwood was polled by ReachTEL on Tuesday night. David Nielsen

REVEALED: The question left out of the leaked ReachTEL poll

AN extra question was asked by a ReachTEL poll than what has been leaked in an official document to the QT, former Ipswich Deputy Mayor Victor Attwood has revealed.

Mr Attwood received a call on Tuesday night where the caller identified themselves as from ReachTEL.

He was asked the six questions about the Ipswich mayoral by-election on August 19 that the QT has published, along with the results, from the leaked poll.

But Mr Attwood said he was also asked another question at the start of the poll which was not included in the leaked document.

"The first question ReachTEL asked was about the state election," Mr Attwood said. "The question was 'If there was a state election this weekend who would you vote for - Labor, the LNP, Greens, One Nation or other?'

"I think they asked that to get a base of where people are coming from…to see what response came back from a Labor person, a Liberal person or a Green as to what they are thinking about politics in the local council.

"I was expecting the second question to be about the state election but all the rest were about the mayoral by-election.

"But that question about the state election was definitely at the front of it. So for some reason whoever leaked you the poll has left that off it."

Mr Attwood said he suspected the initial question was "the foundation question" to determine what supporters of each party in the state election thought about the Ipswich mayoral battle.

So far Acting Mayor Paul Tully, Cr Andrew Antoniolli , 2016 mayoral candidate Gary Duffy and election stalwart Patricia Petersen have all announced their candidacy.

Mr Attwood drew some conclusions of his own about the implications of the ReachTEL questions and poll results.

He found the question about how voters would respond to the idea of a candidate promising to cut rates by 7.5% revealing, along with the results that found 41% of those asked intended to vote for someone new and not a current councillor.

"The poll suggests there are other parties interested in running for mayor apart from the people who have announced their candidacy," he said.

"The question about the rate cuts shows me that whoever it is has no appreciation of how councils are run.

"A cut like that would devastate the Ipswich council with regards to its ability to provide services.

"The (poll) results also show it is an open race and there for anyone to win."

In June the QT revealed how a ReachTEL poll had been conducted asking those surveyed, amongst other matters, who they would vote for in the Ipswich mayoral race.

Mr Attwood said he suspected that poll was commissioned either by the ALP or a union.

He said the most recent poll suggested another funding source.

"I think this one has been funded by a new player," he said.

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