Queensland police launches support network for LGBTI

DEPUTY Commissioner Stephan Gollschewski has today announced the formation of the Queensland Police Service (QPS) Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex (LGBTI) Support Network.

The Deputy Commissioner said the support network would help promote the QPS as a workplace that embraces, encourages and supports the diversity of its officers.

"The LGBTI Support Network (the network) is comprised of ten members representing most facets of the LGBTI community and is designed as a resource tool and support mechanism to provide advice and guidance to QPS officers," he said.

He said the network had developed a draft diversity guide to provide all QPS members with a greater understanding of gender-diverse people.

"These documents will give staff the ability to provide better support to QPS gender-diverse members and deliver a higher level of service to the wider LGBTI community," he said.

"The QPS is committed to ensuring that, as a Service, we reflect the diversity of the people we protect. Establishing the LGBTI Support Network is one way we're delivering on that commitment."

Superintendent David Tucker, the senior commissioned officer overviewing the network, said the group of dedicated and passionate volunteer officers would help to bridge the gap between LGBTI members and the QPS.

"Last year Queensland saw LGBTI QPS members and supporters participate in the Brisbane Pride Festival march for the first time. It showed the state that the QPS is proud of all of its members," he said.

"The network will give a voice to a group that can help educate other QPS members and enhance LGBTI pride and respect throughout the service.

"By celebrating and embracing diversity, will ensure that we create a safe and supportive workplace for all members of the QPS.

Later this year, the LGBTI Rainbow Flag will fly in front of QPS Headquarters in Brisbane on International Day Against Homophobia (May 17) and  QPS officers will participate in Wear It Purple Day (August 28) by wearing purple boot laces.

Deputy Commissioner Gollschewski serves as the Executive Sponsor of the network.

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