Flinders View indoor cricketer Kerryn Graham loves the camaraderie of her sport.
Flinders View indoor cricketer Kerryn Graham loves the camaraderie of her sport. David Nielsen

Qld stalwart part of 'family'

KERRYN Graham can't wait to get to Adelaide with the Queensland Masters women's cricket team and she's been feeling that way for more than 20 years.

The Raceview resident is the QT City of Ipswich senior sports star for February after achieving her seventh consecutive selection for the state over-30s team which will compete at the national championship in Adelaide next month.

With Queensland dominating the masters championship for the best part of a decade, Graham can't wait to get together with her "second family" for another memorable sporting tour.

It's the camaraderie that this Ipswich sportswoman loves the most. It's also the reason the 37-year-old has no plans to put away the bat and ball anytime soon.

"I think that's why we do it," Graham said.

"We just love going away together. It's like your own little family when you go away.

"There is also the challenge of beating the other states and keeping Queensland up there.

"Sometimes it's hard to come back to reality but its great fun.

"We just have a ball."

But it is not just in the whites where Kerryn dominates the bat and ball sports.

The mother-of-two is also a representative indoor cricketer and outstanding vigoro player, a trait she picked up from her mother and is now passing on to her own children.

Jasmine, 11, and Zoey, 9, have also caught the cricket bug with Jasmine earning her own first state selection this year.

"She's doing a lot better than I did at that age," the proud mother said.

"My mum was the same. She played vigoro and indoor cricket so I guess I was lucky to have that as well."

Graham is keeping her goals in check for this year's trip despite a breakout performance at last year's championships.

The talented all-rounder achieved her first national selection at the tender age of 36 but is being careful to keep expectations low of repeating the feat again.

"I just want to go there and play well," she said.

"If I get picked again, that's a bonus.

"That was my plan last year and it will be this year as well."

Unfortunately for Graham, 2011 was a non-World Cup year so the national gong was limited to a name on the honour roll.

Graham puts down a lot of her success to playing the variety of games each year.

While all of the games have similar basic principles, Graham said they all help with different skills.

"There are different techniques required in the different games," she said.

"It helps me keep my hand eye co-ordination and reflex skills sharp."

So when the team gets together for the flight to Adelaide in late May, Kerryn Graham will be easy to pick.

She'll be the one grinning like a teenager - just happy to be there.

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