AFTER eight years of being involved in the Carnival Teapot Extravaganza, Janelle Caldicott is now instinctively drawn to the kitchen item.

Teapots are a favoured birthday present and she finds it hard to walk past an unusual pot in a shop.

When she first started her involvement with the display, Mrs Caldicott didn't own a single teapot.

Now she has over 40 in her kitchen cupboard.

She has also ventured into the world of tea cosies and enjoys knitting crazy coverings for her extensive collection.

Mrs Caldicott along with a band of 30 volunteers has spent the past week setting up the quirky display at St Alban's Hall on Anzac Av.


The annual event has become a carnival-time favourite for many locals and a delight to the hundreds of visitors.

Fellow volunteer Kay Hartmann said the display triggered happy memories.

"We meet and greet the visitors that come and quite often, I say 'welcome to a walk down memory lane'," she said.

"We had a host of New Zealand visitors the last few years who time their tour with the carnival.

"They love our city, and they love our display, because it is so unusual."


The display features more than 300 teapots, hundreds of teacups and saucers, tea towels, an Australian section, and, naturally, a Devonshire tea.

The adjoining church features a floral display and vintage prayer books, as well as bric-a-brac, craft, books and plants.

"It's amazing. Every year someone comes up to us and says: 'I have something you haven't got'," Mrs Hartmann said.

Teapot extravaganza

  • The Carnival Teapot Extravaganza is held in St Alban's Hall on the corner of Hill St and Anzac Av from tomorrow to Saturday, September 28 from 9.30am to 4.30pm daily.
  • Entry is $3.

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