The woman's stolen bank cards were used only minutes after the robbery.
The woman's stolen bank cards were used only minutes after the robbery. Pixabay

Purse snatcher grabs the cash, leaves the dough

WITHIN minutes of the robbery, a woman's stolen bank cards were being used to commit fraud.

An Ipswich lad, who was busted travelling in a stolen Nissan Navara was one of the culprits in a phone and purse snatch from a woman's car in a shopping centre, Ipswich Magistrates Court was told.

A male had run to her car, wrenched open a door and grabbed her purse and mobile phone from off the front passenger seat. But the blatant thief left behind a loaf of fresh bread.

For his trouble by being a co-offender and user of the stolen card,19-year-old Nathan Hedley scored an eight month jail term for his thieving ways.

Appearing in the dock, Nathan Lewis Hedley from Redbank Plains, pleaded guilty to a series of charges including entering premises by break to steal; wilful damage; six counts of fraud; receiving tainted property; unlawful use of a motor vehicle; obstructing police; and failing to appear at court.

The police prosecution kept silent on the agreed facts of Hedley's offences despite it being an open court.

The written facts were handed up to Magistrate Virginia Sturgess who did reveal some of the facts Hedley admitted to.

Police prosecutor Acting Sergeant Bernard Elmore said police sought a jail term of six to nine months with immediate release to parole, and for a probation order on the unlawful use offence.

Defence lawyer Matthew Fairclough said the police facts did not provide any information about the value of property in the unlawful possession charge or to any loss.

Mr Fairclough said Hedley previously received a probation order so he would deal with his drug issues - "but he obviously did not take up that opportunity. There has been no compliance".

"It is not alleged he was the driver of the vehicle, a Nissan Navara," he said.

"It was tracked by police for some time."

"Was this the first time that he has been locked up," queried Ms Sturgess.

"Yes. He was arrested on April 11. Like to think it was a wake-up call for him," said Mr Fairclough.

Ms Sturgess then cast some light on the offences, saying Hedley received a stolen bankcard on December 6 then committed frauds.

She said he was one of four people police found inside a stolen Nissan on December 8, and wilful damage was done to a door when police arrived.

Ms Sturgess said a woman was inside her own car at Mt Ommaney shopping centre at 7pm when a car in front of her stopped suddenly.

A male ran to her car, pulls open the door and snatches her purse and mobile phone off the front seat. But left a loaf of bread that was also on the passenger seat.

"CCTV shows you using the stolen card to buy alcohol and cigarettes. It was stolen in a very brazen act," Ms Sturgess said.

She said it was stolen with the purse at 7.05pm. Then used in Darra at 7.12pm to buy $90 worth of cigarettes.

It was then used at Springfield Night Owl to buy $90 worth of goods including cigarettes.

Then at First Choice Liquor to buy $90 alcohol, and to buy more cigarettes worth $96.76 and $30 of goods was bought from an Orion newsagency.  

"While you may not be the person who snatched the purse but within seven minutes you were using the card. You know who did Mr Hedley," Ms Sturgess told the thief.

"When police came to arrest you they found you hiding."

Ms Sturgess said that although it was his first time to be locked up it won't be Hedley's last if he continues.

She said Hedley was previously found with a stolen grey Ducati motor bike that went missing from a Brisbane hotel where Hedley was registered as a guest. The bike was found at his home.

He was sentenced to a probation order for that crime but failed to do anything except continuing to offend.

Ms Sturgess said jail was warranted but Hedley was still young.

He was sentenced to a total of eight months jail with immediate parole.

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