PROTECTOR: Division 3 candidate Patricia Petersen will stand up for public safety and will urge council to budget for security guards to patrol crime hotspots in her electorate.
PROTECTOR: Division 3 candidate Patricia Petersen will stand up for public safety and will urge council to budget for security guards to patrol crime hotspots in her electorate. Contributed

Division 3 candidate Petersen reveals ways to fight crime

PUBLIC safety is Division 3 candidate Patricia Petersen's number one concern, which is why she has unveiled several innovative ways of fighting crime.

If elected, Ms Petersen will lobby to have the council budget fund two security guards to be employed to patrol the division.

She has also called for emergency buttons to be installed in strategic locations where public safety is at risk, with the buttons linked to Triple 0.

Ms Petersen said crime needed to be cracked down on in the division where people were frequently leaving lights on and fearful that noises at night were intruders.

"In this particular division we are trying to deal the best we can with violent crime," she said.

"We not only have break-ins, we have break-ins with knives and guns.

"It is very, very serious…and there are serious incidents of crime at night in our streets and parks.

"I am proposing to have security guards at night in our parks, train stations and bus stops.

"I also want to have emergency buttons in our parks and dimly lit streets because some women are walking home from work and after dark and they are very much at risk."

Ms Petersen said funding the security guards should not be an issue, and was an achievable objective.

"The division is not a huge area and there are crime hot spots in particular streets and in particular suburbs," she said.

"So it is not as though you need security guards going up every street within the division.

"All we would need is two security officers driving around ensuring people are safe.

"The current approach by council is to have a lot of people driving around looking to catch people out who are breaching council rules.

"That is costing us a huge amount of money.

"Someone once told me that by treating the cause and not the symptoms you are saving five times as much money.

"So I think by having security guards checking out the parks and targeting the hot spots we will be in a lot better position to keep people safe.

"The security guards absolutely have to be budgeted for because there is no point in putting in a park if people are not going to be safe."

Ms Petersen said Safe City cameras had their place but were not the only answer.

"Cameras help catch the culprit after the crime has happened, but that is not going to work for an elderly person who has been shot or burned," she said.

"They want to make sure there is nobody coming into the house."

Ms Petersen said the emergency buttons would work like others in other parts of Brisbane, where the button links to Triple 0.

"It is to be used in situations where you are very much at risk, and they have been highly successful in other parts of Australia and around the world," she said.

Ms Petersen said the issues in the division should not be underestimated and that security guards would make a difference, particularly in areas where wrongdoers frequented.

"There is a park at Riverview which had a slight renovation done to it recently, but the problem is they put bark in there," Ms Petersen said.

"Drug users are going into the park and putting their needles under the bark, and I know there was one kid in there the other day who was almost pricked by the needle.

"So if there is no-one there to monitor what is going on then it will just cause more problems for the community."

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