Naomi George at her business at Top of Town, Province Modern Country.
Naomi George at her business at Top of Town, Province Modern Country. Sarah Harvey

Province adds style to Top of Town

PROVINCE Modern Country brings style and quality to the Top of Town, and Ipswich Central.

It is a boutique lifestyle store and has continued to grow and develop over its three years of operation.

It is elegant and tasteful and caters to all budgets and requirements.

It has taken time and a great deal of care from Naomi George, co-owner of this burgeoning enterprise.

“We started at the end of April in 2008, and since then it has just developed a strong loyal customer base.

"The city is growing fast but one thing that Ipswich has in its favour is the fact that it has kept a strong sense of community,” Ms George said.

In many ways, Province was a leader in introducing Ipswich to a totally new style of shop.

The Top of Town has become a destination shopping place and this business shows just what can be achieved.

“Since we opened the Top of Town has really developed and I like to think we are part of the retail boon that is now so part of Ipswich.”

Ms George said people were surprised with the range of products Province has.

“We pride ourselves on our window displays,” and if you have seen them I am sure you will agree that the exquisite shop front displays are a real feature of the business.

The business is located at 197 Brisbane St and attracts a great deal of local business but also has many clients across Australia.

The business has a comprehensive online presence and is developing the site including secure online trading.

The business effectively uses social networking opportunities.

Province carries out well planned marketing and advertising campaigns and this brings clients from far and wide.

“I had a couple come in on the 6am flight from Melbourne and were on the doorstep at 9am Saturday morning.

"They were planning a weekend in the area,” Ms George said.

“We have a wide range of products including, furniture, garden, lighting, textiles, children, gifts, artwork and accessories.

“When we started it was furniture and homewares and it developed according to the needs of our clients,” she said.

The range of products today are popular as gift ideas and for the renovator or decorator.

Ms George is an interior styling and heritage consultant and this service is also available.

The consultancy service is ideal for domestic residences for renovation, properties going to market, and commercial and corporate office spaces.

Province has provided consultation to legal firms, developers, advertising agencies, B&Bs and residential clients.

“We have also provided themed displays for corporate function marquees at race days, etc.

"If you have a listed property on the market and are keen to capitalise on appearance to maximise sale potential we would more than welcome the opportunity to assist in achieving this for you,” she said.

With the wonderful range of heritage homes in the city, Province can offer tremendous support to clients to ensure that the right furniture and feel is given to the home.

“Home renovation has been taking off over the past few years.

"It does not have to be an expensive exercise.

"People often feel that it does.

"We do have the high end range but we can also offer wonderful alternatives,” she said.

It has been quite a transition for this former international flight attendant, to take the plunge in establishing her own business.

She works with her partner Michael Melling who comes into the business on weekends.

Province is open Monday to Friday from 9am to 4pm, and Tuesdays and Saturdays from 9am to 2pm.

Phone 3496 1183 or visit

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