Protesters defy court order

Six people have been arrested after protesters took to one of Brisbane's busiest thoroughfares in defiance of a Brisbane Supreme Court order that banned the march.

Justice Jean Dalton on Thursday ruled the pro-refugee rally could not go ahead as planned over the Story Bridge or on Main Street at Kangaroo Point.

She said the planned action could spread COVID-19 and block major arterial roads.

But despite the court order, hundreds of people marched in wet conditions along Main Street from 2pm on Saturday.

The protesters had started at Raymond Park, a short distance from the Kangaroo Point Central Hotel and Apartments where refugees and asylum seekers are being detained.

They then marched to the hotel, chanting "no hate, no fear, refugees are welcome here" and other war cries in unison.

The rally was stopped by police at a major intersection near The Gabba, before organisers encouraged protesters to continue walking around them and onto the footpath.

The refugees inside the hotel were previously held in offshore detention, before being transferred to Australia for medical reasons.

Some have been in detention for seven years. To represent their plight, protesters fell silent for seven minutes as they gathered on the footpath outside.

"The government can't just lock up these people out of sight, out of mind," a protester said.

Refugees and asylum seekers watched the rally from the hotel balcony, some even phoning in to offer messages and thanks to the rally.

A live Facebook video of the event being streamed on the Refugee Solidarity Brisbane/ Meanjin Facebook page showed some people being taken away by police, with others being asked to move on.

Queensland Police told NCA NewsWire six arrests were made but it is not yet known whether any charges have been laid.

NCA NewsWire

Originally published as Protesters defy court order

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