Proposed Rob Pyne legislation will deny basic human right

ON TUESDAY May 10 a Private Members Bill was tabled in the State Parliament by the Member for Cairns Mr Rob Pyne.

If passed into law, this Bill would further remove protection given to unborn children because the intent of the bill is to decriminalize abortion.

Currently we are told that there are 10,000 abortions occurring in Qld annually which equates to around one abortion for every four babies born in this State.

We have a fairly good health system by world standards, however the majority of abortions performed are not for medical reasons but rather for social ones such as unable to continue with study, doesn’t fit in with job, not ready to start a family, not in a permanent relationship, can’t afford another child, going overseas etc.

In a 1986 Queensland court ruling involving a doctor performing abortion, the Judge found that in exceptional cases an abortion would not be unlawful where it was carried out in good faith to avoid serious danger to the mother’s life or her physical or mental health.

I don’t believe doctors are dealing with exceptional cases when we consider that for every four babies born in Queensland one is also killed by abortion.

I don’t believe we are talking about exceptional cases when stand alone abortion clinics operate in all major centres up and down the Queensland coast.

It seems to me the law is being breached on a regular basis.

Governments past and present have abandoned their responsibility towards the most defenceless members within society and instead have favoured big business, certain women’s groups and other less desirable elements.

When it comes to the question of whether someone has the right to take the life of an unborn child it becomes no longer a matter of public opinion.

The Parliament and the Judiciary have an obligation to apply the principle of guardianship towards the unborn.

Just as we who have been born have the right to life and therefore protection under our legal system, so too should the unborn have the same right.

We are all human beings and therefore equal in that respect.

I urge all caring Queenslanders to contact their local Member of Parliament as well as the Premier, Health Minister and Attorney General reminding them that their role in governing Queensland is firstly to protect the interests of the most defenceless members of our society.

They must then vote against this bill.



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