Property crime up in Brassall: police

BRASSALL has become a 'crime hot spot' lighting up social media with residents reporting attempted break-ins and sightings of suspicious characters sending dogs into a barking frenzy on a weekly basis.

The chatter has been centered around the new estates near the Brassall firestation and police have now confirmed statistics show there has been an increase in property crime.

In the past month police have investigated five thefts, seven unlawful entries and the theft of one stolen car, according to the QPS Crime Map.

Three of those cases have been solved, but the increase is a concern to police.

Ipswich District Property Team head Detective Sergeant Daniel Cunningham said, on average, property crime is still declining across the Ipswich region.

"There has been a slight increase in property offences across the Brassall area, particularly in the past month, which is a concern for us," Det Sgt Cunningham said.

"We are investigating a number of incidents in the area.

"Residents should ensure their valuables are secure and anyone that sees anything suspicious should contact Crime Stoppers to report it.

"Every useful piece of information we get from the community that helps us solve these crimes would be welcomed."

A Brassall family, living in the Emerald Hill Estate, returned home from midnight mass on Christmas Eve to find a thief had broken in, taken their gifts and stolen their lunch.

Mum Tabetha Woodward-Xenides said the missing gifts included iPads, a computer and a Play Station.

She said the incident had spoiled Christmas, made her children anxious and reinforced the feeling there are "an awful lot of break-ins in Brassall at the moment".

"The kids feel better knowing the police came out really quickly but they are absolutely devastated," she said earlier this week.

"We don't feel safe and we're going to move. Every time you walk in the house you're going to wonder if someone is watching you, it's horrible."

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