The Project presenter Carrie Bickmore drops baby bombshell

WHILE discussing Princess Charlene and Prince Albert II of Monaco's pregnancy on Channel 10's The Project last night, presenter Carrie Bickmore dropped her own baby bombshell.

"Speaking of babies," she said. "I have some news for you tonight...I am having a baby."

The news took co-hosts Peter Helliar, Todd Sampson and Matt Doran by surprise with Mr Helliar quick to jokingly ask whether it was The Bachelor Blake Garvey's baby.

"Be honest, is it a Bachelor's baby? I watched that interview and I thought I there were sparks," he said.

Ms Bickmore said she is expecting a baby next year.

The news lead to an outpouring of well wishes for Ms Bickmore on The Project's Facebook page andon Twitter.

The popular presenter already has one child, seven-year-old Oliver. Her first husband, Greg Lange, sadly passed away in 2010 from a brain tumour.

Ms Bickmore is in a relationship with Chris Walker, a former producer on The Project.

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