LETTERS: Reclaim Australia program glorified violent racists

I COULDN'T believe what was put to air at seven o'clock on a Sunday night.

To me, the story on Reclaim Australia on the Sunday Night program was an advert for violence and racism.

Do we really really believe that if every Muslim was gone, our streets would be reclaimed?

Nobody likes what radicalism does, but without them we still have domestic violence and drug addiction just to mention a few.

The laws in this country now suggest that if you bash someone you walk free, but don't dare steal from a government agency, because then you can really pack your bags.

Media has always loved a story like this.

When I came to Australia in 1965 it was the ten pound Poms that were bringing the stories.

With their little group of rent a poms we listened while these people told ridiculous stories of why they weren't happy in Australia; like how they couldn't get the sausages they liked and how we had spiders in our gardens and the sun was so hot it burnt their feet when they walked outside.

It was enough to stir people stir into thinking we were all whingers, but most of us found that most Australian people didn't feel like.

So I call on the media to let people be judged as individuals.

A VAUGHAN, Wulkuraka


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