Women queuing for the ladies toilet at the Ipswich Cup.
Women queuing for the ladies toilet at the Ipswich Cup. Claudia Baxter

The massive changes to toilets at the Ipswich Cup

ORGANISERS of the biggest event on the city's social calendar have heard the cries of Ipswich women and have responded. 

There will be several changes to the way things work at this year's Ipswich Cup with toilets topping the list of issues for race-goers. 

Ipswich Cup organiser Brett Kitching said while there would be no changes to the 70-year-old toilet block facilities this year, there would be more portable toilets on site. 

On Friday the Turf Club announced they received $13 million in funding for a massive redevelopment of the club.

Part of that funding will include demolishing and rebuilding two of the club's three old toilet blocks.

"Basically we're doing the best we can with what we have this year," he said.

"We have three main blocks. Next year two of the toilet blocks would be knocked down all together and two new ones built and the other one refurbished.

"We are hoping it will be done before May next year, so in time for the next Ipswich Cup."

There is good news for ladies going to this year's Cup too. 

"We can understand complaints as some of the facilities here are decades old. We are hoping for infrastructure funding to better the facilities in the future," he said. 

"Last year some ladies were looking for more toilets so this year we will have 50 more portaloos and we are doing our best to clean them more throughout the day. 


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"We are also allocating more toilets to females. The majority of portaloos are unisex but we have found it's important for ladies (to have their own).  

"Over the years we have had toilet trucks and we are replacing those with individual portaloos which will be more suitable for the event." 

What we know

  • There will be 50 more toilets
  • More portable toilets will be dedicated to women
  • Pedestrian access to Wickham St will be limited
  • There will be more police and gates exiting to Wickham St after safety concerns were raised
  • Food will be better quality and delivered more efficiently in the Pimms 1866 on the Green Marquee after complaints last year
  • The old toilet blocks will be rebuilt and refurbished by the 2018 Ipswich Cup

A major change for those leaving the huge event will also come into place this year after safety concerns.

"This year we are sectioning off Wickham St from pedestrian access and will be adding a couple of gates and extra police," Mr Kitching said.

"There have been no incidents but it's an area that could be improved."

Another change happening this year will be to food services in the coveted Pimms 1866 on the Green Marquee.

"There wasn't much negative feedback at all but one area that people wanted improved was the food at the Pimms marquee. It costs a little more than others but we have premium food and have improved the process of taking it out," Mr Kitching said.



  • Grandstand marquee
  • Bundaberg Rum Home Turn Experience package
  • Infield private marquees


  • XXXX Summer Marquee package $160 (infield)
  • Lazy Bear Beach Party package $110
  • Pimms 1866 on the Green Marquee $175
  • General admission $20

Secure your tickets here via Ipswich Turf Club.

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