Prisoner's senseless destruction down to 'pack mentality'

ALREADY a prisoner in the Borallon jail west of Ipswich, Douglas Collins created a headache for security guards when he poured a liquid on to radio-charging equipment.

His destructive act caused nearly $3000 damage, Ipswich Magistrates Court heard.

Collins, 22, from Charleville, was doing time in the corrections centre for other misdeeds when for no apparent reason he damaged the electrical equipment.

Appearing in the dock before magistrate Andy Cridland, he pleaded guilty to causing wilful damage at Ironbark on March 16.

Prosecutor Sergeant Tracy Long said the incident took place at 2.45pm and was captured on CCTV.

She said Collins went inside an airlock and put a towel over his head to conceal his identity.

Collins was seen to pour liquid on to two radio-charging stations which caused $2807 damage.

Defence lawyer Vince Knox asked that the penalty for the offence did not interfere with the existing parole release date for Collins' prior offences.

Mr Knox said other prisoners had been involved but Collins had to accept he acted in isolation.

"He knows it was foolish. He was locked down in a detention unit as well," he said.

Mr Knox said there was no other reason, only that Collins got caught up with pack mentality while walking back from the gym: "Perhaps too much bravado going around at the time".

Mr Cridland said Collins was a prisoner who damaged property in a prison and the offence did call for some form of imprisonment.

He convicted and sentenced Collins to three months jail to be served concurrent with his existing sentence. He was ordered to pay $2807 compensation.

His parole release date of June 8 remains the same.

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