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Prices turbulent as big wet kicks in

THE price of some fruit and vegetables is fluctuating with the big wet dropping on the new season harvest regions in Victoria and South Australia, while winter cropping regions in North Queensland are coming to their season's end.

With fewer zucchinis, onions and potatoes on the Brisbane Produce Market trading floor, the prices are expensive while handpicked beans, brussels sprouts, capsicum and sweet corn are firmly priced.

There is an abundance of cheap new season asparagus available along with beetroot, celery, eggplant, fennel, snow peas, mushrooms and most pumpkin varieties.

Asian vegetables, machine picked beans, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, celery, leeks, parsnips, silverbeet, squash and sweet potatoes are all reasonably priced.

Spring is the perfect time to turn to salads with lettuce, salad mix, cucumbers, eshallots and a full range of herbs reasonably priced and of top quality.

Hass avocados have firmed in price with the latest stocks a combination of end of season Australian harvests and imported New Zealand produce.

Strawberries are still the best buys in the fruit aisle.

Blueberries are also cheap this week.

They don't ripen after picking them so blueberries are best eaten right away.

If you are storing them, keep them in their punnets in the refrigerator, or place the unwashed ones in a single layer on a plate, covered loosely and in the refrigerator.

Bananas are back to a reasonable price along with new season valencia oranges, kiwifruit, rockmelon, pineapples and pawpaw, with the red variety the tastiest.

Expect to pay firm prices for good quality apples, raspberries, navel oranges, watermelon, honey dew and pears

Lemons, limes and end of season murcott mandarins are expensive.

You can also expect to pay top dollar for grapes from the USA, figs, passionfruit and most stonefruit, with the first of the Australian low chill variety on the shelves beside late season imported product from the USA.

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