Price of parts sets off attack

A CUSTOMER threatened to kill staff at a business before assaulting the owner, all because he believed the price of spare parts was too expensive.

Ipswich Magistrates Court was told Aleni Galuvao, 30, had spent an hour and a half going through the wrecker's yard selecting the spare parts he needed on September 2.

The manager of the store then heard a commotion coming from the front counter and went to inspect, where he found Galuvao shouting and waving his arms around aggressively.

The manager asked Galuvao to leave and Galuvao said, "I will kill you".

He then threw the goods out of the store, then threw them back at the store, before retreating to his car.

The manager followed with a notebook to get Galuvao's registration plate - and was spotted by Galuvao, who jumped out of his vehicle and again threatened to kill the manager.

The court heard Galuvao said, "If you took my f****** rego I will kill you - you won't find me but I'll find you."

He then grabbed the manager by the wrist and dug his fingernails in, drawing blood and causing immediate pain.

Galuvao then left and was later spoken to by police who charged him with common assault.

Defence lawyer Justin Thomas said the whole incident had boiled over after Galuvao spent a great deal of time looking for parts, only to be given a price he thought was exorbitant.

Mr Thomas said his client had since bumped into the victim and had apologised, for which the magistrate gave him credit.

Magistrate Donna MacCallum noted Galuvao had a previous conviction for assault occasioning bodily harm in 2008.

She said Galuvao should have been well aware of the consequences of his actions. The father of two pleaded guilty to common assault and was fined $400.

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