Premier, where are the public servants?

IT was 2015 and Premier Palaszczuk was interviewed by the QT asking if she intended to bring more government employees to Ipswich.

"I am happy to have a good look at it. I will make it a priority," she said.

"Where we can encourage people to live and work close by, we should be encouraging that where we can."

Well, in 2016 a review of the Queensland Industrial Relations laws resulted in a Framework which has one key component which allows an employee's working arrangement via their place of work to be changed.

This means that many public servants who work for the Labor government and battle kms of grid locked traffic each day travelling from Ipswich to Brisbane and surrounding suburbs, some as far afield as the northern suburbs of Brisbane could be relocated to Ipswich.

But this will only happen if Premier Palaszczuk wants to reduce traffic on our roads and encourage her employee's to live and work close by; as promised in 2015.

The commitment to extend the railway line from Springfield to Ripley Valley by 2023 was also a promise.

This government is so focused on the Brisbane Cross River Rail they have failed to identify and build infrastructure for Ipswich; a Labor stronghold.

Premier Palaszczuk, let's start by acting on promises that were made and can be addressed by your government at very little cost. The Industrial Relations Framework is there and with committed and caring management, this government can at least make a small start to reducing the hours a day that some people spend commuting from Ipswich to their workplace.

Allan Gray

Collingwood Park

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