'Premier should sack 'incompetent Minister', MP says

STIRLING Hinchliffe should be sacked along with the Ipswich councillors, Scenic Rim MP Jon Krause says.

With today's announcement Local Government Minister Stirling Hincliffe will move to pass new legislation, specifically to dismiss Ipswich councillors, Mr Krause has three main concerns.

The "incompetence" that has been displayed in handling the Ipswich council situation, representation for residents and powers to be awarded to administrators.

"This whole debacle shows the incompetence of Stirling Hinchliffe," LNP MP Mr Krause said.

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"He has now failed miserably, twice to make this happen under the local government act.

"The Premier, while looking to sack Ipswich City Council, should also be looking to sack the Local Government Minister."

Mr Krause's electorate covers Division 10 where David Pahlke has been councillor for decades.

Cr Pahlke is not facing any charges and denies any knowledge of alleged wrongdoing.


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For residents in the Scenic Rim electorate, Mr Krause offered his assurance their voices will be heard.

"They will deprived of a representative in Ipswich city council and I have had a lot of concerned residents raise that with me," he said.

"I want to make it clear for those residents I am willing to take issues up, on their behalf."

Mr Krause said if the state government was going to "take a sledge hammer to the issue" it needed to give administrators the power to properly clean out the council.

That should include the authority to terminate the employment of any officers implicated in wrong doing, he said.

When asked if he opposed the Local Government Minister's decision, Mr Krause said; "I am opposed to the incompetent and ineffective way the Minister has dealt with this issue in the first place."



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