Don Bradman bat.
Don Bradman bat.

Praise as Ipswich's giving spirit comes through

WE'RE a generous lot aren't we? I would say so according to the comments below in our You said it on Facebook section.

Yesterday we published a story on 700 items of memorabilia either bought by or gifted to the Ipswich City Council.

It's unclear exactly what's what, due to abysmal record keeping but it is safe to say at least a decent sum of ratepayer money was used to buy signed sporting equipment, street signs, number plates and artwork.

The council has put the question to the people: What should we do with it all?

A number of our Facebook community members would like to see the items donated to charity or the items sold off with the money donated.

I think this goes to show we do have a generous spirit and want to help others first and foremost.

On our website, the scales tipped in favour of a sell-off recovering the money to go back into the council coffers to be spent on services. Many people still voted to donate them to charity while only 11 per cent opted to keep them.

There is still a way to go on consultation with this but we'll be watching keenly to see how it all plays out.

THE City of Ipswich is the owner of more than 700 memorabilia items, the bulk of which are believed to have been bought over the years with ratepayers' money.

They include some items which were not necessarily logged, but were likely received as gifts.

Now, the council wants to know what you want to do with them.

"These items belong to the people of Ipswich,” Ipswich City Council interim administrator Greg Chemello said.

"So who better to discuss the best course of action for these things? People might want to put them on display somewhere, or give them away, or sell them. It's a discussion which for now is best left up to those whose money was used to buy them.”

Here's what you said:

Maureen Clifford Keep any that relate to Ipswich and set up a display in our art gallery, any of the autographed items put up for Auction and use the funds to assist struggling Ipswich charities - the lesser items could perhaps be donated as prizes for school events etc.

Debra Laegel Show them in the art gallery for 6months then auction them for charity.. perhaps the Ipswich hospital foundation and Ipswich hospice could benefit from the proceeds.

John Ferguson I have to raise this and hope readers understand what I say. Local Authority loans have a fixed interest rate and a fixed repayment schedule. Whilst early repayment is permitted, it comes with rules. If an LA loan with an outstanding balance of $100,000 at an interest rate of 7% per annum was prepaid, the penalty would be based on the difference the loan would produce in income at the 7% rate and what the $100,000 invested today at the interest rate for the comparable remaining term. Given that interest rates have been falling for many years, the current rate or yield, would be considerably lower than the actual rate attaching to the loan. Economically there would be little benefit in the prepayment.

Add to that, the value of the items is unlikely to be high so the whole effort is probably not worth considering.

Avril Brown share them with charities to raffle.

Carol Witherspoon Sell them and help the Hospice out.After all we would all benefit.

Janelle Profke Auction them off and pay down council debt.

Denise O'Keeffe I think you have to auction them off. Donate any money raised to Ipswich Hospital Foundation and the Hospice. Anything directly related to Ipswich, keep and place on display in the Art Gallery.

Take it slowly as we don't want a bigger problem along the track.

Deborah Pringle Put them on display in the art gallery or library.

James Jeffery Sell 'em and throw a Xmas party for rate payers.

Jodie Howard Auction them off and put back the money in council.... to do and too do things that need to be done for the city.

Pam Whitwell Put them on display so people can look at them then auction money off for charity. Whether that be homelessness, ipswich hospital foundation or another ipswich based charity. Rate payers should decide if rate payers paid for it.

Linda Hart Public auction to raise money for our homeless.

Carmel Bogdan No. Sell and return money to ratepayers. More examples of how dishonest that Council was. Why aren't more of those ex-councillors being made accountable.

Margaret And Valdis Juskevics Free raffle for all the people of Ipswich. Oh no I would win the creepy doll. Sod's law.

Melissa Laegel Auction them off.

Terry Royan Give us back the money and give the goods to a charity.

Nicky Frances Davies Auction them off and put the money to a good cause.

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