Port Royal ramps it up for their east coast tour

EMERGE's Calen Le Couteur recently sat down with Lawson Doyle, Chase Brodie, Connor Arnold and Taine Josephson from Port Royal to talk about their latest single and tour.

C: What can you tell me about your most recent single Pinch-hit?

L: It's the first song Taine and I wrote together and it's a song about making something of yourself despite your own set-backs and not getting stuck in a rut. The term Pinch-Hit isn't actually a lyric in the song but it's relevant to the situation we were in at the time. It's a baseball term for when a batter comes in to save the day at the last minute. There's a lot of relevance and nostalgia in the song, and a catchy little hook too.

ON TOUR: Port Royal is ready to release their latest single.
ON TOUR: Port Royal is ready to release their latest single.

C: How long ago did you write the song?

T: A couple of months ago, it was around a week after I joined the band.

CA: It was actually a really quick process and it was exciting with Taine coming in and writing a song as exciting as Pinch-Hit. Almost as soon as it was written we thought it was a potential single and were glad it ended up that way.

C: How was the recording process? Was it very different from Get Heavy?

CB: We met this guy who recorded a local band called Age Champion, and we loved their EP so we found out who they recorded with, and it was this legend of a dude called Liam Cox. There was a lot of fun drama of being in the studio but it pulled together and he did a great job.

CA: Recording can be a really tough experience especially when you're doing it all yourself and you haven't got thousands of dollars worth of equipment. But I think this was in comparison to our previous recordings with our EP The Express and Get Heavy, this was definitely the smoothest, which has resulted in the best outcome which is obviously those two things coming together. As recording always is, it's a task that requires a lot of effort but in the end this single was the smoothest process we've had.

L: A lot more time and love went into recording that song. I came back and did the vocals a few times until they were pretty well perfect. In the past it's pretty much been on the day, but there was a night we came in to do vocals and I wasn't perfect so I said we'll come back and do it again so we can make it the best it possibly can be.

CA: It's going to be a great gig, we're playing with a band called The Cherry Dolls. We're very fortunate to be playing with them, they've made a great name for themselves.

CB: It's going to be the first night of partying, it's the first night of tour and we've got to be in Newcastle the next night for another gig. We're going to finish the gig, to go sleep for a couple of hours and drive up to Sydney marking the start of almost a month of constant rocking out.

L: I can't wait to play Lefty's to be honest with you, it's such a cool rock and roll bar/bistro with a real good sound system. There's also such a good culture going through that place so it's good to be a part of it, looking forward to showing them what we've got down on Caxton Street.

L: It's the right time for it to happen for the band, it needs to happen for me personally in a lot of ways. I think it's also the right time to get out of Brisbane and start showing the rest of the country what we've got to offer. There's a lot to be said for rock and roll in this country at the moment. There's also a lot of talent out there as well. We obviously love Brisbane a lot. It's our home and a great city but we're really ready to start ramping it's up and taking our music elsewhere.


Port Royal ready to take their rock and roll to the east coast.
Port Royal ready to take their rock and roll to the east coast.

C: In August you guys supported The Delta Riggs with The Dollar Bill Murrays and Galaxy Girls, how did it feel to be part of that bill?

CA: The Delta Riggs for a long time have been a shining light in Australian music for us from a rock and roll point of view. I remember Lawson and I met those guys when we were in grade 12 at a Kasabian gig out the back of Eatons Hill. That gig was actually three years to the day we supported them. So for us to actually get on a bill with The Delta Riggs at The Zoo which is one of our favourite Brisbane venues, it almost felt like it was actually real what we were doing really. It was like okay, people are starting to take note.

C: Do you have any other release plans for this year?

CA: For us right now we just want to push out as many different songs as quick as we can, like we had Get Heavy earlier in the year, we've got Pinch-Hit now and we're going to try to get out another track by the end of the year. We are looking into the next couple of months and always writing new material, changing the live show and coming up with brand new spanking ideas. There's definitely a lot in the works as usual.

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