Peter Luxton
Peter Luxton

Pools, libraries added to pledges

MAYORAL challenger Peter Luxton has added swimming pools and libraries to his six-point election policies.

Mr Luxton officially launched his campaign yesterday near the site of the former Jim Gardiner pool at Eastern Heights he plans to rebuild. He also plans to build a public pool at Redbank Plains if he is elected on April 28.

Mr Luxton said the pillars of his campaign were policies to improve facilities, create jobs and support local business.

"My opponent talks about the need for communities to grow and be stronger. All very warm and fuzzy. But nothing about what Council will do to facilitate this," he said in a statement.

"If a local council has a job to do, it is this. It's time to stop talking and start doing.

"I have a plan and I'm the only candidate so far to present a coherent, workable plan. I have chosen this site for my campaign launch because it's the site of the Jim Gardiner public pool. It was demolished in 2000. It is shameful that Council has not replaced this pool, in fact it points to a malaise within council planning."

He said another area where Ipswich had fallen behind was providing information services and libraries for its residents.

"From being a world leader 18 years ago, Ipswich now lags Brisbane and the Gold Coast in provision of local library facilities," he said.

"So I propose building two new libraries - at Rosewood and Springfield-Camira - depending on how that pans out. Because Ipswich is way behind the pack in terms of the number of libraries per head of population.

"Brisbane has one library for every 30,000, Gold Coast has one for every 42,000 and Ipswich has one for every 68,000 people. I'm going for in between; I'm going for one library for every 35,000."

Mr Luxton also sought to clarify his policy on subsidising public transport.

"What I mean is the government and councils need to sit down and rethink TransLink because it is not working," he said.

"With TransLink you've got the Brisbane City Council running a transport system and the State Government running a transport system. You need one greater south-east Queensland transit authority.

"That's why the fares are going up because you've got two competing interests running the same transit system. It's a complicated one but I don't think staying with it is an option because people are paying far too much to get to work."

Six key points

1. to improve public facilities for sport and recreation

2. to bring Ipswich City Centre back to life as an arts and entertainment hub, with a festival hall and a refurbished central station

3. to make things easier for commuters by subsidising public transport costs

4. to create more jobs locally and give more support to local businesses

5. to stop development on flood plains and for more sustainable developments

6. to protect our precious local environment and animals and plants unique to this area

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