Pool death probe to examine how to stop kids drowning

THE tragic drowning of a Lockyer Valley infant could lead to measures to help stop other children dying.

At a Lockyer Valley property in March 2015 Tyson, whose last name cannot be revealed, drowned when he fell into a semi-drained pool at his uncle's Lockyer Valley property.

A coronial inquest will be held later this year into his death to find out whether anything can be done to stop other children drowning in backyard pools.

A pre-inquest hearing in Brisbane on Monday heard Tyson and his mother visited the property unexpectedly after the vehicle she was driving got a flat tyre.

The court heard a pool gate had been propped open with a length of wood to allow for easy access while the pool was being drained.

As the adults fixed the tyre, Tyson, who was playing with a plastic tractor in the backyard, got into the pool area and fell into the semi-drained pool where he was found.

Tyson regained heart and lung function after ambulance and hospital performed CPR but the following day his life support was turned off and he died.

Megan Jarvis counsel assisting coroner said Tyson's death showed how dangerous pools could be for children.

"Tyson, a fifteen-month-old child unaware of the danger, was able to walk freely into the pool area and enter the water," she said.

"The circumstances of Tyson's death highlight that even when a swimming pool is in a state of disuse or it is not expected that children will be visiting or using the pool, vigilance in preventing access by children to the pool must be maintained at all times."

The inquest into Tyson's death will be held in Brisbane on December 16, 2015.


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