Roman Quaedvlieg and Peter Dutton in less bitter times. Pic: AAP
Roman Quaedvlieg and Peter Dutton in less bitter times. Pic: AAP

‘False, spurious’: Morrison hits out


At that press conference, Mr Morrison was asked about Mr Dutton's rather extraordinary spray against former Australian Border Force commissioner Roman Quaedvlieg in parliament yesterday.

"Mr Dutton has been the subject of spurious and false allegation after spurious and false allegation," the PM said.

"What he has expressed, I think, is a great frustration at the repeatedly false claims put forward."

Mr Morrison rejected suggestions that Mr Dutton implied Mr Quaedvlieg was a paedophile when he referred to him "grooming a girl 30 years younger than himself".

"He has not done that. He has not done that at all."

Yesterday Mr Quaedvlieg furiously hit back at Mr Dutton.

"It is extraordinary behaviour from a Cabinet minister to pre-emptively impugn the character and reputation of a witness attempting to engage properly in a parliamentary process which ostensibly affords the same privilege to that witness that he, Mr Dutton, comfortably shielded under today to accuse me of the criminal offence of sexual grooming," he said.

"While errors of fact can be made, and tolerated where corrected, personal smears to the tenor of those made by Mr Dutton with respect to his parliamentary statement today that I 'groomed a girl' are disgusting and offensive and I call on him to formally withdraw that comment."

Mr Quaedvlieg was fired from his role with the Border Force after a review found his misconduct with a younger female staffer undermined his ability to do his job.

The staffer was reportedly in her 20s at the time. She was not underage.

Roman Quaedvlieg.
Roman Quaedvlieg.


Scott Morrison has announced a fresh $106 million to help senior Australians "live with dignity" in their retirement.

Speaking alongside Health Minister Greg Hunt and Minister for Aged Care Ken Wyatt, Mr Morrison said it was important to "raise the standards" of aged care facilities across the country.

"We must act on these issues. There are fantastic facilities all around the country. But I also note there are other facilities that are not up to standards," the Prime Minister said.

He said "the one thing" Australians want for their elders is "to be able to age with respect, with choices, to be able to be surrounded by those they love, and to continue to enjoy life to the full".

The $106 million will largely go towards tighter policing of the industry standards - "a tough cop on the beat," in the words of Mr Hunt - while also expanding the capacity and facilities available in regional Australia.

"I want you to age with dignity, I want you to age with respect," Mr Morrison said.

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