Political change is needed... and soon

WHEN are we going to stand up and demand that our political leaders fix up the unholy mess they have created in our political processes by their constant in-fighting, incompetence ,poor judgment, poor political performances and mismanagement?

We should demand that our politicians reduce their endless financial indulgence by ensuring that financial abuse and corruption are completely eliminated by providing stronger and stricter monetary controls.

They should also ensure political performances and productivity are increased dramatically, reduce debt and provide better policies to ensure better outcomes become a reality for each and every community they represent.

Malcolm Turnbull should get rid of the political self-interest and the constant self-promotion. Inefficiency and the lack of strong policies has plagued his party for a long time.

Constant mindless rhetoric, political waffle and lack of action are becoming a larger part of his problem.

They are undermining his position and should be addressed. If he does not change his ways they will eventually see him thrown out of office.

Since the last election, the current government has ensured that all of it's political and financial benefits are in place (for politicians) but it has displayed little concern, compassion or understanding of the needs of it's citizens.

In fact Malcolm Turnbull's time in office has been a complete waste of time and money. We need more competent and dynamic politicians. The electorate is fed up. It is now time for change by ensuring our politicians respond to our demands for better government.

Politicians are employed to fairly and honestly represent the interests of all citizens and are highly paid to fulfil their political and community obligations. Changes are desperately needed.

When are they going to happen?

Douglas Young


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