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Political agendas at centre of elections

THERE'S a mood for change in Division 9.

Therefore, in a sign of desperation, our councillor has dipped her toes in the negative campaigning pool publishing two Facebook memes saying she has never been in a political party and is self-funded, and that she therefore has no 'hidden agendas'.

This is a bit hypocritical considering she has signs up all over developers' properties, including Lend Lease's fencing.

Is she implying that Mayor Paul Pisasale and I think every other councillor, who is either in a party or has been in one, has a hidden agenda?

She also implies that Mayor Pisasale and Councillors Tully, Antoniolli, Bromage and Charlie Pisasale are not 'independent' as they say.

If she is self-funded, who does she think pays her salary and for her office while she is campaigning?

For the record, I posted the following to my Facebook page on February 16 and have now pinned it to the top of my page:

"2. I am receiving an amount, probably less than $2000, from my union, which represents Ipswich Council employees. This is in response to my commitments to vote against outsourcing Council's call centre and other outsourcing that raises the cost of living and hurts families and local jobs."

My agenda is so hidden that I spoke to the QT about it and provided a photo for the story that appeared on February 8.

Also, every day I sit with A1 signs prominently featuring the website www.ipswichnotforsale.org where anyone can go for more information.

JADE CONNOR, Candidate Division 9


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