Police bust cannabis business

A MAN caught growing almost 200 cannabis plants weighing 11kg has faced court.

Andrew John Green, 31, needed to make some cash after losing his job so set up an extensive commercial enterprise at his Blenheim home, just west of Laidley.

When police raided his property on July 22 last year Green led detectives to a shed where the hydroponic set-up was discovered.

Among growing beds and an esky police found 188 plants, weighing just less than 11kg without stems, and more than half a kilo of dried cannabis.

Lamps, exhaust and filtration devices, mechanical ventilation and watering systems were also located.

In his home police found a water pipe and a used syringe.

Green pleaded guilty at Ipswich District Court to producing and possessing dangerous drugs and utensils.

Crown prosecutors tendered 18 photos of the set-up to the court and said Green had a criminal history for growing and possessing cannabis, dated back to 2000.

His defence said since he was charged he had made extensive efforts to better himself, had refrained from using drugs, and had "couldn't have done anymore to rehabilitate himself".

The father-of-three was sentenced to three years probation.

The court heard Green had previous convictions for producing cannabis and possessing drugs and seeds, mainly between 2000 and 2004. But since then he had remained out of trouble and it wasn't until police raided his home they discovered the latest stash of plants and drugs.

The defence argued Green hadn't stolen any electricity to pay for the production of the drugs and had bought it legitimately.

He was a fencer and butcher prior to being caught for growing drugs.

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