Senior police ignored me: ex-cop

A FORMER Rockhampton police officer yesterday said his 30-year career was ruined because he tried to blow the whistle on alleged corruption in the city's service.

He said he made his complaints more than five years ago, but they were ignored.

Now he feels somewhat vindicated after the issue finally came to light with the release of the Crime and Misconduct Commission's 142 page report Dangerous Liaisons.

The ex-Senior Sergeant, who cannot be named, claims he was victimised and harassed out of the Queensland Police Service as a result of his complaints about senior officers.

His claim came the day after parliament tabled the report into alleged misconduct in a number of locations, including Rockhampton and Yeppoon.

Yesterday the man claimed while he was on duty in Rockhampton he witnessed convicted criminals roaming around the station and was told they were allowed to eat and drink at the pub.

“I was concerned for the public and my own family member, who was working in the mall,” he said.

“Some of these were convicted murderers - they should have been behind bars. That's why I complained.”

The man said his biggest beef was the fact a number of prisoners were taken to a house in Yeppoon for interviews.

He said this house was owned by the Community Supporting Police organisation and was meant for use by police on stress leave.

“This was all happening in our back yard,” he said.

“They were letting them wander in our station and walk around the streets in civilian clothes, eat at stores in the street and go to pubs.

“It was only a group of officers, but they were untouchable.”

The CMC report backs up the man's allegations and details a number of different investigations.

It also states that a prisoner was allowed a locker at Rockhampton station, permitted to consume alcohol and allowed to roam unsupervised.

The man said other officers knew what was happening but were too afraid to speak out.

“We're all here to solve crime but that was against the policies and procedures,” he said.

“I want to see criminals convicted but not that way.”

The man said after he began to complain his life was made “hell” and he became the subject of a CMC investigation.

He was interviewed about these allegations by the CMC 12 months ago.

A police media spokeswoman yesterday said they had no record of this man filing an official complaint while he was in the service.

The man denied this and was adamant that he took his issues through the chain of command.


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