Police smashed the window to free the baby.
Police smashed the window to free the baby. Zarisha Bradley

Police smash window of car to rescue infant

UPDATE 11.55AM: AN EMPLOYEE at the florist in the Fourways complex said she aided the mother of a baby locked inside a hot car with water while she was in a state of panic.

Miranda Just said the mother and her flower courier were tapping away at the car window and on the phone to RACQ for 10 minutes before Miranda arrived at the scene.

She said she then stood with them for around 15 minutes, so she estimated the baby to be inside for "probably about half an hour". 

Miranda said the baby was locked in the car with the keys in her hands and believed the baby locked herself in by accident.

"I saw the baby with the keys. We were trying to shake things so the baby would shake the keys and press the button but the baby was just crying," she said.

"I got a few cups of cold water so when the baby got out they could pour it on her."

She said the mother told her the baby was 12-months-old.

"She was panicking, she said couldn't even look at the baby because it was killing her inside... that made me cry," she said.

After officials smashed the front drivers seat window, she said the "baby was crying and sweaty but she was okay".

UPDATE 11.20AM: A BABY locked in a car this morning has been taken to Mackay Base Hospital for monitoring.

Police had to smash their way into the vehicle to rescue the baby, who was assessed on scene before being taken to hospital as a precaution.

UPDATE 11.15AM: POLICE have had to smash the driver side window of a vehicle to free an infant locked inside.

The child, who had been locked in the vehicle for about 20 minutes, is now safely with its mother.

Queensland Ambulance Service are en route to assess the baby as a precaution.

BREAKING 11AM: EMERGENCY services are responding to Nebo Road where a baby has reportedly been accidentally locked in a car.

Initial information suggests a baby is locked in a vehicle, in the sun, at the Fourways complex.

The 12 month old was reportedly accidentally locked in the vehcile and has been in the car for at least 20 minutes.

Queensland Police, Queensland Fire and Emergency Services and RACQ are on scene. Queensland Ambulance Service have also been called to attend.

More to come.

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