WATCH: Video shows diver's footage while lost at sea

UPDATE: Video has emerged showing footage taken by diver Jacob Childs when he was lost at sea. 

The footage, shared by the ABC, shows his go-pro footage. 

EARLIER: Rescuers say a diver missing off the Bundaberg coast was lucky to be found nearly five hours after he failed return to the boat.

Remarkably, despite the ordeal, the man did not require medical treatment.

He was part of a group of local divers who had organised the dive trip to the Althea Wreck, about 30 nautical miles north-east of Bundaberg.

The Hervey Bay Water Police, Volunteer Marine Rescue and the CareFlight Rescue Helicopter joined the search before 2pm Wednesday.

The man was rescued about 6pm.

Bundaberg Sergeant Rob Jorna spoke about the rescue effort after the diver was returned to shore.

"We were tasked with a call from a vessel off Fraser Island that had people on board that were diving off a wreck and one of the persons on board and in the water was unable to make it back to the tag line of the boat," Sgt Jorna said.

"Due to the strong currents he was unable to make it back on time," he said.

"A number of hours had past since he was last seen and he drifted out of sight from the vessel.

"During that time we activated air support as well as water-borne vessels.

"During that time the fixed wing had spotted him in the water, an air observer observing the bright orange flotation device that he had with him.

"He was in good spirits. He was found healthy and safe. He had no injuries."

Sgt Jorna said by the time the man was pulled out of the water it was dark.

"It was pitch black by the time the vessels reached his location," he said.

"It was also difficult for them to find him but thankfully he was found and certainly coming into darkness it was going to create more challenges that what we had to start off with."

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