UPDATE 8AM: A FIRE that completely destroyed a family home at Thagoona overnight was one of nine across the state.

A family including six, four and three-year-old children was not injured when the top story of their house crumbled before firies could put the fire out.

Logan House Fire Support Networks's Louie Naumovski said the family was not at home at the time of the fire.

"All I could do was give them some blankets and water and help them activate their insurance," he said.

"They were upset about losing everything but I reminded them they were all alive and they started to understand that."

Mr Naumovski said while investigations into  the fire were ongoing, most house fires were completely preventable.

"The message is to take care and don't leave candles or cooking unattended. We have seen a spike in house fires because people just don't take care around them home, they could have been prevented," he said.

He said a Forest Lake home was damaged last night when a wheat pack was put in the microwave for too long and caught fire.

"It's the miss attention, they put it in the microwave for too long because they wanted to keep warm. People need to take extra care around the house and make sure they are aware of what they are doing," Mr Naumovski said.

"A lot of fires can be preventable." 

UPDATE 7.50AM: A FAMILY including three children were forced to find emergency accommodation after fire completely destroyed their Thagoona home over night.

Paramedics assessed the family at the scene of the Adelong Av home but there were no injuries.

The top floor of the two story timber house crumbled before the fire was brought under control at 8.15pm.

INITIAL: FIRE investigators will arrive on scene of a house fire at Thagoona today after the two storey home was destroyed in a fire overnight.

The timber home was already fully engulfed with flames when emergency services arrived shortly before 7.30.

The top floor of the house crumbled before the fire was brought under control at 8.15pm.

Police guarded the Adelong Av property overnight until investigators start their enquiries today.

Queensland Ambulance and Energex were also on scene.

The cause of the fire is unknown.

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