Police drive to curb car crime

THOSE most at risk of motor vehicle theft will be eligible for free engine immobilisers as part of a police initiative to curb car crime.

Operation Bounce Back, which recommences in November, has been credited with contributing to the steep reduction in car theft in the past six years.

Nationally, there were 57,971 reported cases of car theft during the 2009/2010 financial year - a reduction of 7% from the previous year.

Even more telling is the fact that there has been a 23% reduction in car theft since 2005, however police and the Motor Vehicle Theft Reduction Council (NMVTRC) are determined to see those figures continue to plummet.

Karana Downs, Goodna, Springfield, Ipswich and Lowood are the hotspots for unlawful use of a motor vehicle offences, while Rosewood and Yamanto make it onto the list of suburbs most featured in unlawful entry of motor vehicle offences within the Ipswich Police District.

Working alongside Ipswich City Council and the National Motor Vehicle Theft Reduction Council, police will attend shopping centres across the city between November 3 and December 7 to spread the Operation Bounce Back message.

Ipswich Crime Prevention officer-in-charge Sergeant Nadine Webster said increased community awareness had no doubt helped dramatically reduce the incidences of stolen cars.

"Fewer people are leaving their cars out on the street, unlocked or with the keys still in the ignition," Sgt Webster said.

"Less people are leaving valuables in their cars, which makes them less of a target for thieves."

Police have 100 engine immobilisers, with free installation, to distribute to Ipswich motorists during Operation Bounce Back.

Only those who live in Ipswich and have a registered and roadworthy vehicle built before 2000 will be eligible.

Those with vehicles manufactured before 2000 are still the most targeted by car thieves.

According to NMVTRC figures, 84% of stolen passenger vehicles are more than six years old, while two out of three were manufactured prior to the year 2000.


Police will conduct displays for Operation Bounce Back on the following dates:

Riverlink Shopping Centre, November 3, 9am - noon

St Ives Shopping Centre, November 9, 9am - noon

Yamanto Shopping Centre, November 23, 9am - noon

Booval Fair Shopping Centre, December 7, 9am - noon

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