OPINION: Police deserve more respect from the public

IMAGINE going to work each day knowing that during your shift you may be spat on, swore at or physically attacked.

This is the unfortunate reality for many of our local law enforcement officers who stand in the front lines of danger each day and deal with some of our most difficult people.

I am the court reporter for the QT, and it's appalling to see firsthand just how many people in Ipswich show our police no respect - or even lash out violently towards them.

Today, we report on an officer responding to a disturbance who was attacked by a drunken thug and suffered a serious hand injury.

A few days earlier I wrote about a woman who spat on a policeman after she was asked for her name.

For your information, both those people received serious punishments in court for their actions - and so they should.

The police are all that stand between our civilization and anarchy and are here to serve and protect us.

So how did so many people in Ipswich develop this anti-police mentality?

Futhermore, what exactly is the point of abusing police?

Surely someone with half a brain would realise that no good could possibly come from such behaviour.

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