Police boost numbers and reduce crime

THE latest figures that reveal the crime rate is dropping in the Ipswich district is the best news possible for local residents.

It comes as no surprise that this decrease has coincided with the fact that 30 extra police officers were sent to this area in July of last year.

We now have a force policing our area that comprises of 478 officers backed by 91 office staff.

While you would expect extra police officers would naturally correspond with less crime it is not always the case.

Knowing how to deploy these extra officers is as vital as getting them here.

In this regard the local police command unit has honed in on key problem areas such as drugs, theft and assault.

Drug arrests and charges have increased, but this is far from a negative.

It actually reveals that the police are doing a good job.

By strangling the drug trade and those leaches that live off it the police are bringing down crime in other areas such as stealing and household break-ins.

Desperates searching for money to buy drugs will do anything to get the dollars needed.

If there isn't a ready supply the need for the quick cash evaporates.


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