Jesse Lomas outside of Ipswich Magistrates Court
Jesse Lomas outside of Ipswich Magistrates Court Chris Owen

Police abused by 'masochistic' man

WHO in their right mind would start abusing police for no reason?

That was the question raised by an Ipswich magistrate when a man faced court this week for swearing at police at a busy railway station.

The officers had been assisting a mentally-handicapped woman with directions when a male bystander started yelling obscenities at them.

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The 23-year-old, Jesse Peter Lomas, was approached by the police and continued to direct abusive language at them.

When he ignored the officer's command to stop swearing, he was placed under arrest and taken to the watchhouse.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Brad Dick said the incident took place at Brisbane Central Railway Station about 4pm on February 27.

When Lomas was put into the watchhouse cell, he shed all his clothes and started pounding his fists against the glass.

Lomas had been in trouble with the law a month earlier when he brandished a 20cm kitchen knife on a train.

The laundry cleaner tucked the blade into his shorts with the handle sticking out and walked up and down the carriages.

Sgt Dick said passengers on the train were alarmed by knife-wielding man.

Lomas left the train at Darra Station and started waving the knife at people while standing on the platform.

He later told police he had the knife for protection after he was once attacked by a dog.

Defence lawyer Dylan Hans said Lomas had been "blind drunk" when both offences took place.

Mr Hans said his client had little memory of each incident but "deeply regretted" his actions.

He said Lomas was employed and had started seeing a psychologist to address his issues.

Magistrate Deborah Vasta said Lomas' "bizarre" behaviour almost seemed like he wanted to get arrested.

"Abusing police officers for no reason is just asking for trouble," she said. "It's almost masochistic.

"Police have enough to deal with without you making a nuisance for yourself."

Ms Vasta added that the incident with the knife on the train would have been distressing for other passengers.

"If I was there with my children on the train, I would have been very concerned," Ms Vasta told Lomas.

"Even if you had been attacked by a dog, that is no excuse for it."

Ms Vasta noted Lomas had spent time in prison for earlier offences.

Lomas was convicted and put on a 12-month probation order.



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