Poetry Feast is a winner with Henry Lawson

ONE of the first phone calls I received when I arrived at the QT office back in March was from Cr David Pahlke.

David wanted to chat with me about the Ipswich Poetry Feast.

While he didn't come straight out and say it, I know he believed the QT hadn't thrown as much support behind the event as it deserved.

I agreed to remedy that and the first part of our coverage is featured on pages eight and nine of today's paper.

Tomorrow we will back the social element up by printing the major winner's poems.

I was pleased to see more than 250 at the awards presentation night last Friday at the Metro Hotel Ipswich International and to hear from Cr Pahlke that once again entries for the competition had topped 1100.

Cr Pahlke said over the past 12 years, the Poetry Feast had uncovered some wonderfully talented poets, both locally and throughout Australia.

Two of the most popular categories this year were the junior divisions, the eight to 10 years and the 11 to 13 years.

The competition is certainly building an international reputation with entries this year coming from Malaysia, England, Thailand, India, Indonesia and the United States.

The Poetry Feast was established to celebrate the special connection which exists between the City of Ipswich and Australian literary legend Henry Lawson.

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