PM's quarantine double standards


Sky News host Alan Jones has pointed to a double standard in international travel, with the Prime Minister seemingly going against his own comments on quarantine.

Scott Morrison has recently returned from Japan on business and is being allowed to quarantine in the official Canberra residence, The Lodge.

Mr Jones pointed out that after the last National Cabinet meeting, Mr Morrison said there was "no alternative" to hotel quarantine.

"He seems to have found one," he said as he questioned NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian about quarantine arrangements on Sky News last night.

Ms Berejiklian said she didn't want to comment on the Prime Minister's specific case, but argued that it would be too risky to change the system at this stage.

Mr Jones argued that skilled workers and international students should be allowed back into Australia, to give the economy a boost, and that alternative quarantine arrangements should be found to make it happen.

Ms Berejiklian agreed that we should change the cohort of people coming into the nation to allow skilled workers and international students back.

However, she said her advice is that the current quarantine systems should stay as they are.

"The best experts that talk to me about quarantine options say we're not quite ready to change the quarantine system and we've seen what's happened in Victoria and South Australia where there's been glitches in their systems," she said.

"At this stage, the hotel quarantine system we know is safe, it's a sure thing.

"It's not to say that we can't consider other options as well into the future.

"What I'm simply saying is that in the new year, if we're serious about jobs, if we're serious about being an economic leader in our region, we have to assume and accept that we need to welcome international students.

"Skilled labor, skilled migrants and also business travelers.

"I'm saying we have to change the combination of the category of the people we're bringing back."

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