Is the PM following in Howard's footsteps?

John Howard still attracts a strong level of public support for his successful years of what some people consider good government.

I don't understand why he was so successful because many of his policies were driven by neo-liberalist thinking  and trickle down economic theories.

All policies totally embraced by the Liberal/National Party yet they have never provided any economic benefit to anyone.

John Howard was largely successful because he threw money around like he had four arms and he had the support of a good treasurer and a stable, wealthy and productive economy.

What annoys me is that he continually wasted money.

A process that still impacts on our economy today.

He introduced many policies to benefit the wealthy who were his main political support base.

Many of his political policies were outright bribes.

Policies like negative gearing and franking credits were designed to attract the votes and support of the wealthy to the Liberal/National Party.

These policies are still in place and are being actively  pursued by Scott Morrison for the same purpose i.e to support his political position.

A process that I consider should be stopped because it is open to  corruption.

One of John Howard's problems was his poor approach to industrial relations.

His policies denied the rights of many working class workers attracted a lot of union backlash in the community yet today he is hailed as some sort of political messiah.

People have such short memories. He was also responsible for designing and introducing the current  privatised aged care system that is currently under investigation for its many deplorable public failures.

Now we have Scott Morrison carrying the John Howard mantle.

Another person driven by Neo-liberalist doctrine and trickle down economic theories.

Why do we continue to allow the introduction of such failed processes by politicians just to provide support  to protect their political position.

The whole process needs to be changed because as everyday passes we are attracting more and more corrupt practices into our political processes.

A process that benefits nobody yet our inept politicians still employ them for their own benefit.

Recently we heard the Education Minister saying that the government should be clamping down on financial corruption and fraud yet it has just been revealed that several Liberal/National Party ministers have been caught red handed manipulating and falsifying their parliamentary expenses.

Something has to be done, words alone are not going to fix the problem.

Scott Morrison needs to stop sweeping it under the carpet and take stronger action and provide a real solution to solve the problem.

Douglas Young


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