Please help our appeal: 140 families need 'adopting'

CHRISTMAS CHEER: You can help a struggling family have a wonderful Christmas by taking part in our annual Adopt-a-Family appeal.
CHRISTMAS CHEER: You can help a struggling family have a wonderful Christmas by taking part in our annual Adopt-a-Family appeal. Nick Houghton

THE scary thing about life is, everything can change in the blink of an eye.

One day you could be working full-time in a great job to being without an income the next and struggling to make ends meet.

Everybody will go through various hardships in their lives, but the powerful thing about humanity is, there are people out there who will try to spread good.

This is what we as a company are trying to achieve with our annual Adopt-a-Family appeal.

Local agencies have told us some families who are doing it tough due to loss of income, relationship breakdowns, family-related deaths, homelessness and simply struggling to afford necessary items due to the rising cost of living - any of which could happen to you.

I'm going to tell you something...

When my whole world came crashing down last year, I had some tough decisions to make.

My marriage broke down and I was staring down the barrel of trying to figure out how I would pay my bills and afford food... even though I had a full-time job.

I wondered where I was going to live and how I was going to make my budget stretch even further.

Fortunately, I was lucky, as I was able to receive help from my mum.

I potentially could have been one of the people who needed help from local agencies to survive, just like our families from this year's appeal.

This is my personal experience on how quickly your life can change.

I hope if I was ever placed in a position like this again, there would be people out there who were generous and kind-hearted enough to help.

I know everyone is doing it tough during these hard economical times, but if the thought of a family having nothing on Christmas breaks your heart, then we would greatly appreciate your help with our appeal.

I have signed up to 'adopt' a family, and I hope you will too.

If you are worried about doing it yourself, how about 'adopting' one or two families with your work colleagues or friends, and have everyone contribute a few items to your hamper.

We have about 140 families who still need help.

If you would like to help, drop in to the QT office and speak to our Adopt-a-Family co-ordinator Karen McCoombes today.

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