NO BAGS: A brainless idea from so-called do-gooders or a better option for our waterways and environment?
NO BAGS: A brainless idea from so-called do-gooders or a better option for our waterways and environment? MikaelEriksson

'Plastic bag ban? A brainless idea from so-called do-gooders'

SINGLE-use plastic bags will be banned in Queensland after State Parliament unanimously passed new laws this week.

The ban will come into effect on July 1, 2018.

Environment Minister Steven Miles said the bipartisan support of both parties for the bill showed the strong community support for banning plastic bags.

"These initiatives will stop the scourge of plastic shopping bags, and put a price on beverage containers so they get recycled,” he said.

"By passing this bill, we say to our young people that we value our wildlife, especially our marine creatures like turtles, sea birds and dugongs.

"We say that we want our parks, our waterways, Moreton Bay and the Great Barrier Reef to be litter-free.”

What do you think about this? Will you miss the plastic shopping bag? Here's what you said on Facebook:

Rick Greinke - "Don't ban them. They serve a very useful purpose of disposing of household waste. Ban them and people will just buy other plastic bags to do the same thing. I wish people could think ahead before opening their mouths with brainless ideas!” Robyn Bishop - "Exactly, too much PC from so called do-gooders.” Brad Semple - "You realise that's the idea, right? By forcing people to purchase plastic bags, not only does it reduce the number of them, but a portion of the money spent can be put toward conservation projects and plastic disposal. They're not aiming to eliminate plastic bags, only to reduce their prevalence by encouraging people to think about other alternatives. It also helps to make sure that the costs of disposal of plastic bags is covered by the people who use them, not by government.”

Monica McKittrick - "Some of these comments... people need more education on plastic. No plastic is actually biodegradable. Stop whingeing about bin liners, use newspaper to line your bin, no need to clean it everyday if you compost. Don't buy food wrapped in plastic, most food comes in it's own natural wrapping. My family BYO cloth shopping bags already. Plastic is killing everything including us. I won't miss plastic bags at all.”

Nick Barnes - "Why is it always Queenslanders who are so opposed to change. The banning of plastic bags in other states has led not only to less waste, but actually no increase in the purchase of bin liners and the like. It's always "the sky is falling” when we have to do something sensible.”

Micaela Lowe - "I use a heavy plastic reusable bag that can be washed out each time or as needed, (Ipswich Council provides these for free by the way) and in my big bin I just use normal bin bags, shopping bags wouldn't fit regardless. Been slowly buying up fabric recyclable bags each week and using them is a lot easier, I can fit more in and they don't rip and drop your shopping all over the floor. People just need to change their mindset of "convenience” because it is a better option for our waterways and environment.”

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