COMING SOON: The remnants of the old Cocktails Nightclub on Brisbane St will be transformed into Switch Nightclub.
COMING SOON: The remnants of the old Cocktails Nightclub on Brisbane St will be transformed into Switch Nightclub. David Nielsen

Plans for upmarket nightclub in derelict Ipswich building

IPSWICH'S infamous nightclub is back.

The old Cocktails venue on Brisbane St is all but a hazy memory for many Ipswich part-goers but managers of a new nightclub set to transform the premises have safety, new ladies loos and an upmarket vibe in store for the derelict venue.

The old bank building has sat empty for more than two years after what was Cocktails nightclub served their last drinks and locked the doors on the iconic Brisbane St venue.

That's how it stayed until earlier this month when the new managers moved in a set to transforming the dated interior.

It's good news for Ipswich club goers after an iconic Brisbane St venue quietly closed it's doors this month.

The Cocktails business and building went on the market for close to $2 million in February 2015 and the building was sold earlier this year for $720,000.

Building leasee and Switch Nightclub manager Andre Samra has bold plans for the building including selfie-friendly ladies bathrooms, a schmick new vibe, luxe booth seats and plenty of jobs for Ipswich bar staff.

He's got a "couple of hundred" thousand dollars to spend and is confident the cash will go along way in transforming Ipswich's party scene.

"We're going to spend a bit of money it and have some private booths that people can hire, we are looking at spending a couple of hundred thousand," he said.

"The ladies toilet is not very glamorous, they want to take selfies and things like that in the toilets.

"I once went to Orion for a drink and the place was chockers, people couldn't get in anymore so I thought what I am missing out on here. Everyone from Ipswich is going to Orion so why don't we give them one here."

New licenced venue security laws which come into force this month mean security staff will be will be very selective as to who they let into the nightclub.

"It's going to be much tougher because the new ID scanners come into effect this weekend. I think it's good because there is no more getting in the back door, everyone has to be scanned regardless,' Mr Samra said.

"We're going to try to make it safe for our patrons. Because of what we heard about the past we want the safety of the patrons.

"We heard of investigations into fights in clubs so our priority is the safety of our patrons. We want to avoid any sort of fights in the club."

The new technology has the ability to keep tabs on guests, including when they entered the venue and their identification details, by as little as the colour of their shirt.

"If you're having trouble you just type in for example yellow shirt and then all the yellow shirts come up and you can see what time they have come in and you can identify them through the camera system," Mr Samra said.

"It's a good system and unless you have a drivers licence or passport you can't get in, there is no such thing as I've left it as home. We're going to make it very clear what they can and can't do so patrons have plenty of warning."

Switch Nightclub is expected to open within months.

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