Fenech hoping for a repeat of the 'outrageous' in Ipswich

PAUL Fenech's uniquely Aussie brand of comedy doesn't even bother trying to tread the fine line of political correctness.

Never one to shy away from public outrage, the creator of TV series including Pizza and Housos found himself in the firing line on a recent tour that took in Ipswich.

An audience member came up swinging punches because of a perceived insult against his female companion.

"Some bloke got upset about something that happened with his missus and he was swinging punches in slow motion. He was like Foxtel at half-speed," Fenech recalled.

"I don't mind that. I'm not scared to do a show that is outrageous and memorable. That's what we want."

That might go some way to explain why Fenech called in three hours late for his interview with the QT on his latest comedy tour, Smash It With a Thong.

Turns out the post show crowd in Gladstone had Pauly over-indulging, and he woke up a little worse for wear the next day.

"I never drink during a show but afterwards is a different story," he said.

"I have been drinking like a Queenslander. In fact you could almost make me an honorary State of Origin player."

Fenech has embarked on a live multimedia feast of pleasure, and pain.

The feast of uniquely Aussie comedy arrives in Ipswich on Wednesday, February 7.

"People get thonged live on stage," Fenech said.

"I used to have shows all the time where blokes would get me to slap them as hard as I could with a thong, so I decided to make it part of the show. The men get slapped on the face and the women get slapped on the bum."

The show is not for the faint of heart or for fans of the new age form of politically correct comedy, which Fenech seems to view with a level of contempt.

The show features video, songs and audience interaction.

Fenech gets amongst the audience as much as he gets on stage, and uses what he calls "live memes" as part of his multimedia humour.

"What I love about Australian culture is up until now we have had the ability to laugh at ourselves. Australia has had a take-no-prisoners attitude to comedy in the past, but culturally we are being sanitized and comedy is on the list of targets.

"I'm trying to fly the flag. I love this country and I love the humour."

Fenech is bringing his show, Smash it With a Thong, to the Brothers Leagues Club on Wildey St, Raceview on Wednesday, February 7.

Doors open 7pm.

For ticket info, visit https://www.outix.co/tickets/event/116976-pauly-fenech.

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