HE ISN'T perfect but he is the best man to lead the city into a bright future.

That was the consensus of QT Facebook posters after Ipswich Mayor Paul Pisasale (pictured) announced he would stand again for a fourth term in next year's councillor and mayoral election.

Sheryn Williams was very excited by the news.

"'Go Paul! A genuinely nice bloke and doing his best to make Ipswich the best it can be," she said.

"He may not always get it right. Who does? But he gives 100% to this city. What more can you ask?"

Cr Pisasale has had his critics for making interstate and overseas trips to promote Ipswich.

But Jake Selway posted that the Mayor was right to secure investment and form relationships with those who wanted to help make the city stronger economically.

"Who else is fit for the job but Paul? If he's trying to make Ipswich better by building relationships internationally, and in other states, then that's a good thing," he said.

Ipswich Mayor Paul Pisasale.
Ipswich Mayor Paul Pisasale. Rob Williams

"It ensures we have a better future, so that people can stop paying out Ipswich, and start fixing it."

To be Mayor you need an abundance of energy and you must have the city's residents at heart.

Cate Carter reckoned Cr Pisasale fits the bill on both counts.

"Mr Pisasale works every weekend at events, on call 24/7 for his staff," she posted.

"He knows the stories and people on every street. He grew up here in Ipswich.

"He's Proud Paul. He will indeed win."

Cr Pisasale has vowed to keep party politics out of local government. He will not stand as a Labor candidate but will once again line up as an independent.

That decision has pleased Lorraine Kathage who posted that she did not want party politics in council.

"I hope the ALP does not insist on having Labor candidates," she wrote.

"I prefer to vote for the person not the party. Paul puts his heart and soul into this city."

Not everyone was happy that Cr Pisasale was backing up.

Dean Stokes said he had run his race.

"Time to give someone else a go. New blood, new ideas," Mr Stokes said.

But Cate Carter replied to Mr Stokes that new blood wasn't needed in Cr Pisasale's case.

"'New ideas' doesn't equal great leadership," Ms Carter responded.

Meanwhile Marty Ollier was adamant the Mayor should move out of Ipswich.

"I think he should just leave Ipswich altogether..... and come to Toowoomba to fix the mess we have up here," he said.

Col Edward criticised Cr Pisasale for being "the same mayor that supports the cruel and criminal greyhound racing industry".

But by far the feedback suggested that Cr Pisasale will be back for a fourth term when Ipswich votes next year.

This is what Susan Van't Wouth had to say: "He has my vote. He has been the best Mayor Ipswich has ever had."

Shelley Richards gave Cr Pisasale the thumbs up.

"We would love him to continue as Mayor of Ipswich," she said.


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