Pisasale 'bags' himself after airport mixup

Paul Pisasale got his bags mixed up after a flight back to Australia recently.
Paul Pisasale got his bags mixed up after a flight back to Australia recently. Rob Williams

WE DON'T need to bag him.

Because in truth Mayor Paul Pisasale bagged himself, in every sense of the phrase.

After several days at a smart city conference in Yinchuan, China, he returned home "feeling dumb” after one of those classic luggage mixups you usually only see in the movies.

Unfortunately for Cr Pisasale he brought home the wrong black bag.

But fortunately, as far as we know at this stage, it didn't contain any secret information belonging to a CIA or ASIO agent, or a Hell's Angel.

"I landed at 10.30pm and I went through customs and to the luggage area and this black suitcase came straight out,” he grins.

"I couldn't believe my suitcase had come out so quickly.

"I was so happy to see it, I grabbed it, jumped in the car and came straight home.

"Then I sat on my bed to unpack my clothes and the code to open my bag didn't work.

"I thought 'OK, it has been knocked in transit'. So I tried my code with one letter off each, but that didn't work.

"I had things in my bag I wanted to show the councillors at the council meeting the next day.

"So I thought 'I know what I'll do. I'll get a chisel and smash this bloody thing because I am sick of it'.”

Then came a light bulb moment of illumination.

The two suitcases that caused the mix-up. Guess which one is the Mayor's.
The two suitcases that caused the mix-up. Guess which one is the Mayor's. file

"I looked down and remembered my bag had a little sticker called 'Mayor' that my kids had put on,” he says.

"But it wasn't there. So I realised it wasn't my bag.”

So after some frantic calls to Cathay Pacific he arranged to have a courier pick up his bag the next morning

"And 11am the next day I was reunited with it,” Cr Pisasale says.

"I feel sorry for the person whose bag I had because he would have been waiting at the carousel for his own bag. and I'd like to apologise to him.

"He left my bag there and it went to unclaimed baggage.

"So when I took his bag back they took a photo of both our bags and they look exactly the same.

"So they can see the funny side of it and smile about it. I just think it is funny I went to a smart city conference and came back with the wrong bag, so I am feeling pretty dumb.”

It was an interesting trip all around.

Cr Pisasale spoke in China with mayors from all around the world on the subject of 'meeting the needs of smart citizens' and how vital it is for cities to work with communities to ensure the needs of citizens are met.

The Mayor spent his birthday in airport transit lounges after several flight delays.

At least he now has his bag and no long term damage was done.

Just don't leave your wallet or car keys on the bar if he is nearby.

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